What You Really Should Know About Astral Travelling

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When you astral project, your astral body leaves the physical universe and travels the astral plane this is a non-physical double of the physical universe.While there is some disagreement about exactly how the astral plane works, it is agreed that it is composed of a number of different layers. It is normal at this stage to ask if it is safe to do astral projection or is it dangerous.The answer yes it is safe but there can also be dangers.

We have already stated that everyone is capable of doing astral projection.We have also explained that the astral body cannot leave the physical body without returning to it.As with all things in your life you need to keep your wits about you while doing this.This means you need to have strong cognitive abilities so that you can think clearly about where you desire to go and do while doing astral projection. Let me caution you here, if your mind is in a dark place or not right then it becomes dangerous to astral project.If you are taking drugs or drinking alcohol it is not wise to astral project because you could wind up in some bad places.The lower levels of the astral plane contain the places that are bad.

As soon as you feel the tingling sensation or hear high pitched wines in your head, during astral projection, understand that your astral body is practically to leave the physical body.All you should do is to stretch yourself up and out.Whereas you might opt to follow your arms out, some individuals will do it in a different way by presenting as however on the floor.Others seem to get out feet out first. Whichever the means you like, it takes a lot of inner will to stretch yourself from your body.A client once affirmed that in his first experience, while he was attempting to extend, he felt a hand pull him out which is exactly how his astral body separated from the physical body.For you there might be no hand to pull you out.So, even when you feel as though you are walking with mud with simply but an arm out, keep going.

These experiences simply differ from an individual to another.

Astral projection, likewise described as astral travel, is an analysis of out-of-body experience, OBE, where it is thought that there is an astral body that is different from the physical body and has the power to journey outside it to any destination wanted.Astral projection signifies the astral body leaving from the physical body so that to travel in the astral plane.

This projection has nothing to do with skill.Neither is it really learnt.

It is in truth a natural event that occurs to nearly everybody and in many circumstances; the individual may not be mindful or aware of it.Despite the fact that it might happen spontaneously without a person’s awareness, there are a number of means of establishing the capability to go into astral travel purposely.This idea is a reality according to esoteric experts, parapsychologists and spirituality.

Astral projection needs someone to be totally relaxed physically and psychologically to a point that boarders sleep.This state is referred to as the hypnagogic state.This state is deepened when the individual begins clearing his mind by observing his visual field through the shut eyes. If the hypnagogic state is deep enough, the projector will enter a state of vibration, a vague yet the majority of vital state and part of the workout.If electric present is passing through their bodies, the majority of projectors note these vibrations at the start of the projection as moderate tingling or as.

Knowing to manage the state of vibration by pressing them into the head psychologically and down to the toes makes sure the vibrations rise throughout the entire body.At this phase, the projector controls his ideas so about begin the partial separation.Keeping the mind focused on leaving the body will assist the individual detach himself from the physical body, hence astral projection.

A fairly simple meditative practice could be sitting in your favorite comfy chair, in a quiet place with no distractions.Once you are comfortable it is time to clear your head of anything and everything that is floating around in there. Focus on your breathing, which should be slow and deep.As you exhale, visualize all of your worries leaving your mind along with your breath.You’ll soon be in a state of deep relaxation ideal for astral projection. To reach an altered state of consciousness, focus more and more on you breathing, which should be slow and deep.

Even if you are unaware of having done so, you have astral projected before. Have you ever woken up from a dream either in the middle of the night or in the morning and remembered a ‘dream’ that you had the night before really well.As if you had lived it.That was an astral projection.

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